When Nursing is More Than Just Patient Care

The education of every nurse is for the goal of sorting out skills from knowledge. A nurse can’t just have knowledge derived from textbooks and lectures. A nurse can’t just operate from observed skills, either. It’s the combination of both nursing skills and medical knowledge that renders an individual capable of actual career nursing. Add to that the experience that comes with nursing for any stretch of time, and the nursing career takes shape. As the nurse graduates through successive levels of treatment and responsibility, they are trusted by a facility or hospital in the application of special procedures.
Nurses can practice applying their skills in patient care by using “example” patients in scenarios where they are formally performing nursing duties for that “patient”. A nurse that is overly strict and too tunnel-visioned to interact with the patient easily will run into problems in the workplace. Patient fatigue, bruising, lack of appetite, and/or unexplained pain should be presented to the supervisor at once. But a nurse who is too strict and/or distracted by personal chatter with other employees, another patient’s problems, or interaction with family members or guests does their patients a disservice. Maintaining focus is an excellent skill for professional nurses in the workplace.

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