3 Myths About Long Term Care Nurses

3 Myths About Long Term Care Nurses

1. Nurses Have Adequate Training

Low cost nursing homes typically hire new grads for nurses with no nursing experience. Fourth-rate nursing homes will hire at the lowest pay possible, guaranteeing only nurses of very little upward mobility will fill the position. In many cases, new nursing school graduates have very little experience and little to no maturity as a practical nurse. Young nurses are very dependent on community standards and peer advice in nursing situations, most of which they have never faced before.

Patients who want good nurses or friendly nurses usually get dour, overworked, non physically fit or otherwise employed nurses looking to fill their time with shifts at the lowest possible end of the labor spectrum. A low cost facility looking to shave every nickel will not hire any nurse with long term records of gradual pay raises and salary increases. Not only do many new hires have little to no experience with any job, their practical nursing experience may be limited to a textbook or a private nursing situation. These nurses lack even a modicum of case history

2. Nurses Are Adequately Rested

Many nurses and nursing assistants routinely work double shifts and overtime as a matter of course. Since many low-rent long term care facilities save every dime, they will likely not pay overtime if an employee waives their requirement. If they want to keep their job, they will likely waive the requirement.Older nurses may have physical impairments that prevent them from sleeping or moving about at work except for slowly.

Many nursing facilities with poor records and many validated health department complaints will simply not be able to hire anyone because the hiring pool has no individuals willing to work at such a place.

Often a low-rent nursing home will not want to risk “new” people without proven loyalty (slavery) to the current administration. Such facilities will not place paid ads or even list the openings at the employment development department, because of the current claims of abuse, poor management, physical abuse, and overwork attested to by previous employees.

Nursing homes running at a low ebb will only find labor outside their desired low-cost zone, or not lacking enough in experience for their needs. Such nursing homes do not want any more whistleblowers and use “short-staffing” as an excuse simply to not do any hiring. Hiring and training takes times and money, and drains effort from already overworked resources.

3. Nurses know how to function in a working environment

Some of the growing pains a first time nurse has on the job is growing accustomed to work. Many younger nurses may not have held other jobs. Without experience getting through a work day, domes nurse may become irritable and patient. They may never have had to put in a full day delivering services to anyone.

Functioning as a full time nurse for the first time can be daunting enough, but learning new skills, new patient cases. and how an office works can make them face all the things they don’t know how to do.Working a fax machine, computer, copier and printer can make the day ho much more smoothly. Learning how people work together may be the biggest shock of all.

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